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New Users

Our research services are open to all members of the South African forestry and Macadamia industries. We also provide occasional services to international users, subject to the approval of an import permit for plant material or DNA and a signed agreement.

To discuss your DNA fingerprinting needs and to make use of the services of our Platform, please register using one of the following links and we will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss how our services can assist you towards your goals.

Register as a user

Small growers and nurseries

If you are a small-scale timber grower or a nursery supplying forest tree species to growers in South Africa, please register here.

Regular users

If you are part of a forestry company registered in South Africa or from an academic institute in South Africa, please register here.

Macadamia users

If you are a Macadamia grower, breeder or researcher, please register here.

To use the Platform

The Platform has been operational for 15 years and in this time we have established a pipeline for onboarding new users and managing projects. It is essential for all users and projects to follow the steps below in order:


Register as a user

Sign an agreement



Make a project booking

Project approval



Request a sampling kit

Download sample sheet



Collect and ship samples

Sample processing



Analysis and reporting



Visit our How To page to access links to book projects or request sampling kits, to download guidelines for sampling and templates to record samples collected and their metadata. 

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